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Florida Cooperative
Extension Service

Lawn and garden home page

Master Gardener Handbook

Master Gardener Handbook
South Florida Edition

Master Gardener Handbook
North and Central Florida Edition

Better Lawns and Gardens
Tom MacCubbin is an extension agent with the
Florida Cooperative Extension Service.
This website is a great reference for
Florida Gardeners!

Florida Friendly Plants

Florida Gardener

Florida Plants Online
Good reference on plants grown in Florida.

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program
Everything you ever wanted to know about
gardening in Sunny Florida!

Floridata is a resource for gardeners, students
and homeowners. It features an online photo reference
of landscape plants and special features on gardening,
the environment, and natural science. Photo reference
of landscape plants also offers features & discussions
on gardening and environment.

Tropical Plants in Florida

Houseplants and Flowers

Weed Management Guide

Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly Gardening in Florida page specifically for
Florida Butterfly Gardening


Home Citrus Culture
Reference handbook for growing citrus in Florida

South Florida Tropicals: Lime

The Guava

The Mango

Dooryard Citrus Fruit Varieties
Citrus fruits that can be grown in Florida

Growing Fruit Crops in Containers

Growing Pineapples in Your Back Yard

The Coconut Palm in Florida

The Fig

The Grapefruit

Fruit and Nuts Section section on Fruit and Nuts


Soils and Plant Nutrition



Florida Lawn Handbook

About Lawns

Native Plants

Florida Gardening with Native Plants

Native Plants
section from Florida Gardener

Pests and Diseases

Plant Diseases

The Amazing Story of Kudzu
An indepth look at Kudzu
includes positive uses for the pest!

Tropical Plants

Cold Protection of Ornamental Plants

Florida Palms

Tropical Plants Index section on
Tropical Plants for more resources

Vegetable Gardening

Tomato and Pepper Guide for the Florida Garden

Cucumbers in the Florida Garden

Tomatoes in the Florida Garden

Vegetable Gardening in Florida

Tomato Section section on
growing tomato plants

Tomato Gardening Articles

The Gourmet Gardener
A Blog for Container Gardeners who want to Grow
and Cook Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs.


Web Coast Tampa Bay Xeriscape
Informative article explains the basics of
xeriscape gardening. Presents photos, design
concepts, and Florida Xeriscape contacts.

How to xeriscape

Central Florida

Central Florida Extension Service

Central Florida Gardening Calender

Newcomers Guide to Central Florida Gardening

Grower Jim
This website is a tour of Jim's garden, one plant
at a time. All articles are about plants Jim
personally grows on his property.

Zone 9 Garden
A vegetable garden blog and forum.

Webcoast Tampa Bay Xeriscape
Informative article explains the basics of
xeriscape gardening. Presents photos, design
concepts, and Florida Xeriscape contacts.

Plants of Florida
A blog about gardening in Florida.

Gardening in Central Florida
A blog about gardening in Central Florida.

Central Florida Gardener
A blog about gardening in Central Florida.

North Florida

Landscape Plants for North Florida

South Florida

Connie B's Corner
Scroll through the calendar year for directions
on maintaining a garden in South Florida, including
lawn, citrus, palms, and ornamental plants.

Gardening Tips for South Florida Gardeners
Monthly Gardening tips for South Florida Gardeners.

Tropical Audubon Society
South Florida's voice of conservation,
dedicated to protecting and preserving
South Florida's fragile environment.

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs
Features several photo galleries, a calendar of
events, application and scholarship information for
this club founded in 1924.

Florida Plant Societies

Florida Native Plant Society
Hernando Chapter

Caribbean Gardens Zoo
Read about the zoo's history, view photos of
the animals, and check the admission rates.
Includes a zoo map and an activities schedule.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Jungle Island - Miami

Sarasota Jungle Gardens
Describes this park's animal shows and exhibits
of monkeys, birds and reptiles. Also offers a
map and coupon.

University of Central Florida Arboretum
Tour the gardens and learn about the wildlife
and plant collections. Orlando garden also posts
directions and tips for visitors.

University of South Florida Botanical Gardens

Florida Garden Center & Nursery Locator

Nelson's Roses

Nursery Report
From the Florida Nurserymen and Growers
Association . . . excellent plant index
with botanical names w/picture of each plant.

Tomato Growers Supply


How To Do Florida
How to Do Florida is a broadcast show that
entertains, teaches, and encourages Floridians
to actively engage their state. This site will be
a resource for information featured in the show and
additional content not available anywhere else.

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